About Us

TechLink: The Professional Installers Network

TechLink offers a variety of services designed to increase efficiency, manage costs, and improve profitability. TechLink matches each individual project with expert professional installers, experienced managers, and up-to-the-minute technical help.

What can outsourcing do for your installation plans?

TechLink provides a reliable technical services and enhancements that can be too costly to maintain in-house. Challenges to control the costs related to training, management of the project, on-site follow-up, and on-going technical assistance have led to a significant increase in the use of outsourced expertise.. These costs can quickly drain the potential profitability of any project. Outsourcing with TechLink has allowed innumerable companies preserve precious capital, bringing major projects at or under budget.

How does TechLink meet your company’s specific needs?

TechLink recognizes the need for customized services for each individual project. With a North American staff of highly trained technicians, TechLink provides a broad range of specific services including inside wiring, equipment installation, and ongoing technical support. Our trained staff of experts will help manage the project from beginning to end.

Can TechLink provide order fulfillment logistics?

TechLink provides world class order fulfillment logistics. This process is often complicated and costly to attempt to manage in-house. TechLink technicians can design a solution that will include the right equipment configuration, shipping, installation, and on-going support of the system.

How does TechLink help the end user?

TechLink works with trusted partners to help the end-user with the success of each individual project. With headquarters in Bend, Oregon and Asheville, North Carolina, TechLink uses thousands of expertly trained technicians throughout the U.S. and Canada to help those partners deliver project success. Our partners can do this confidently without adding the internal cost of hiring additional staff and training technicians.  TechLink provides critical management services, expert project oversight, and dependable deployment. This project management/staff augmentation model has helped thousands of business achieve significant successes that would otherwise have drained the business of development assets.

Find out more about TechLink’s Installation Management, Rollout Services, Warehousing and Shipment Staging, Technical Training, and expert Project Management. If you can imagine the idea, TechLink can make it a reality.