TechLink: Expert Installations

Business owners understand the importance of driving the next wave of sales for their company. The importance of key people in the right place doing the right thing to propel that idea forward is important in every project’s success. TechLink acts as the expert installer of choice for many major contractors such as Harris Caprock or BroadSkyNetworks, matching the right project manager to the project, ensuring that once the technical details are ironed out, every step of the plan will be in capable hands.

Why is TechLink the company of choice?

Our Project Management is hand picked for each project and will work directly with your contractor over the course of the entire project, from inception and planning to installation and training to late stage reporting and follow-up. This is one of the most important parts of an idea – moving from idea to implementation.

Our Project Management team will oversee a highly skilled, well-trained workforce, giving your contractor freedom from costly oversight.  Our skill controls the overall cost of the project. Because our team is also able to make the installations with unparalleled expertise, your current in-house workforce will be able to step in and operate these systems seamlessly. Even though we act as a third party in the process, your profitability is our number one concern.

Our Project Management has extensive experience in the following areas: Banks, Hospitals, Oil & Gas, Retail Chains, QSR’s, Government Facilities, Restaurants, Commercial Buildings, and Correctional Facilities. While these are widely diverse businesses, TechLink can provide expert and individualized services to each of these enterprises.