TechLink: The Success is in the Training

Your staff is important to the success of your business. But, like so many business, you wisely keep your needs lean. Your contractor has chosen TechLink for a reason. They understand that outsourcing big projects to companies such as TechLink can often be accompanied by an after-project concern: How will your people interact with the system once it goes live? TechLink has created after-project training that will answer that question and more.

TechLink begins this process with our own staff. We choose only the most highly trained technicians and keep them up-to-speed on every new advancement in the industry. This means you have the most professional staff in the industry. But TechLink also understands that customers have ongoing needs and an expected level of customer service.

It is our customer service that sets us apart from the competition. We assume that you have a knowledgeable staff but may not have the training needed to implement the project to its fullest. So we train them on every aspect of the project, which allows your people to invest in the marketing of your product.

TechLink also understands that this process can be complicated. But we are also interested in growing our business as well, and beyond installations and product fulfillment is our unparalleled customer service. We are your partner. Your success is our success as well.

All of our technicians are fully insured whatever state your project is and our project managers are fully responsible for those field experts.

Beyond that, we also offer commercial certifications across a variety of industries including satellite installers, field service technicians, customer sales representatives, and managers.

TechLink goes above and beyond what you would expect from a company. We realize that this is a long-term relationship without the added costs of adding new staff, retraining them, and of course, maintaining the level of education that technical and IT personnel need to possess. This allows you to focus on your products and services and more importantly, your bottom line profitability.

Western States Installation and Field Service Training

This training is for satellite installers, field service technicians, customer sales representatives and managers who are interested in growing their installation business. These trainings will help you expand your current offerings to include HughesNet Commercial Services, ViaSat and iDirect Enterprise services.

We welcome current HughesNet Ka/Ku residential installers to gain Commercial certification.