Customer Portal

TechLink: Information in Real Time

One of the most important aspects of any project is the ability to get real-time information on the project. TechLink provides your contractor one of the most dynamic customer portals specifically designed with your need for accountability and accurate reporting. Companies such as EK3 or ProMotion appreciate the unique, customizable interface is key to the success of the project. These contractors can, in turn, provide you with information – in real time.

How does TechLink’s customer portal work?

Because TechLink understands that you may require accurate and timely updates from your contractors, the TechLink Customer Portal can be customized to receive real time informational updates on the progress of the project (with updated documentation and on-site photos). It also serves as an archive of site visits, inspections, and communications.

All communication can be conducted through the portal allowing you or your contractor to “listen in” on information being shared between TechLink, the project managers, and the field technicians. This portal also serves the field technician as well, giving them access to inventories and reporting.

Our real-time reporting has been improved as well, allowing our clients to check on any of the customer portal tools via smartphone or tablet. This level of transparency is the best in the industry, possibly even surpassing your own in-house communications. TechLink believes in keeping the contractor fully engaged in every aspect of the project.  TechLink’s customer portal achieves this like no other allowing your contractor to give you what you need: information – in real time.