Project Management

TechLink: Professional Project Management from Beginning to End

When you enlist the help of companies such as ProMotion or Codigo to implement your company’s vision, you expect professional project management from the beginning of the project to the end. This is why these contractors turn to to TechLink.

Because TechLink will consider each project on an individual basis, employing a level of expertise and coordination that is unparalleled in this industry, your contractors can make promises that we will keep. Our professional and extremely qualified project managers will work directly with your contractor to execute your vision and develop a well coordinated plan that you or our contractor can track from beginning to end with our customer portal.

How does TechLink manage these projects?

Installation_cycleWhile you may be interested in only the end result, the process begins with pre-deployment project planning. This initial discussion will include our recommendations on the chosen site(s), how the project will be managed, and what sort of ongoing services might be needed. This clear and concise planning is what makes TechLink’s services stand out from the competition and allows your contractor to give you the information you need.

Once the order is placed, a highly qualified and experienced project manager will be assigned. The PM will then assemble the technicians, the materials, and construct a timeframe for the project. TechLink can provide expert installations (antennas, routers, or cable restructuring) and electrical services (circuit, wired, and outlet installations) for any project.

You and your contractor will be able to follow the project from the plan to the implementation in real time. And after the rollout goes live, the PM will continue to oversee repairs, technical upgrades, and ongoing service to the installation. Because TechLink employs only the best in the field, and communicates with you directly over the course of the rollout, your satisfaction with the project is guaranteed.