TechLink: Cost Effective Warehouse Staging

TechLink maintains a warehouse facility located at our main operations center in North Carolina.

TechLink realizes that inventory is money. But not having the right items available for staging at specific times can cost your company twice as much, jeopardize the project, and lengthen the completion time. TechLink realizes that warehouse coordination is an important aspect of any successful project and few companies manage this end of the business as seamlessly as we do.

How does TechLink’s Warehousing enable the project?

As the project enters its beginning stages, TechLink, working with your contractor,  will assemble the items your project will need, often warehousing them in advance to avoid delays. Although we do own a facility in North Carolina, we can stage from any part of North America to keep our field technicians actively working on the project. Your contractor can use our customer portal to track these inventories. We also use our warehouse to store items for ongoing maintenance contracts.

TechLink understands the overall costs of every aspect of the project and more importantly, the cost of delays. Warehousing may play a role in every project and because of that we will maintain a state-of-the-art, just-in-time inventory methodology that will add value to the project while reducing the overall costs.