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TechLink: Network Configuration, Installation, and Management

TechLink provides expert installation and configuration of  VSAT, VoIP, and VPN Networks. Using a company like TechLink for network enablement allows customizations based on the specific challenges to the project, particularly when it involves more remote locations that do not have good land-based broadband.  Each process requires highly trained, well-equipped, and experienced people on the ground during every step of the process. TechLink focuses on the management of the project, from the idea to the installation to the support and implementation.


TechLink not only provides highly skilled and trained people for the installation and configuration process, we provide the very best in project management. This sort of professional oversight allows for quick repairs and upgrades, additions to the current network or changes based on new demand, as well as installation and parts inspection.

Broad-based Broadband

Because business needs are global with increasing demands for business quality broadband with multiple CIR capability and low contention rates, TechLink’s configuration of the network, expert installation, and long-term management of the project guarantee full enablement. This gives your contractor the ability to make assurances about the systems TechLink has installed. TechLink will manage every aspect of the project and has done so for numerous contractors and in turn, creating hundreds of satisfied clients.